Release and Waiver for Liability

The undersigned (“I”) hereby acknowledges that participation in the sports camp provided by Balan Baseball Academy and all related activities involves an inherent risk of physical injury, and the undersigned hereby assumes all such risk and does hereby release and forever discharge Balan Baseball Academy (BBA) and all employees, contractors, directors, coaches and agents thereof from any and all liability whatsoever, arising from and/or by reason of any and all known or unknown foreseen and/or unforeseen bodily and personal injuries, damage to property and consequences resulting from registrant’s participation in or involvement with this program or otherwise.

In compliance with government directives this season in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, BBA will operate with additional sanitation and safety measures. I acknowledge that I have been given specific instructions by BBA staff prior to camp, and that I have helped my child understand the new safety rules that must be adhered to for the safety of other campers and staff. By signing below, I attest that I will check daily whether my child displays any symptoms as outlined in the Covid-19 Reference Document for Symptoms as issued by the Ministry of Health. If my child displays any of these symptoms, I will immediately contact BBA and my child will be kept at home.

Despite all precautionary measures, I understand that the risk of Covid-19 cannot be completely eliminated in a public space and I do not hold BBA accountable in case of infection. I acknowledge that if my participant is found to display Covid-like symptoms or if they are found not to comply with the new safety measures, they will be removed from camp.

The undersigned also acknowledges that registration is not complete until a properly completed registration form and full payment including all applicable taxes has been submitted to Balan Baseball Academy.

Release Agreement or Waiver for Photography

On behalf of the participant, I hereby consent to the use of photographs or video footage by BBA. I understand that such material may be used for promotion of future events via social media, website, newsletter, or other means of publication. I further understand that this consent may be withdrawn by me at any time by written notice. I give this consent voluntarily.

Leaving of the Premises

On behalf of the enrollee, I hereby consent to my participant leaving the grounds of Ravina Gardens Baseball Park for camp purposes. I understand that my participant leaving the premises would occur only under the supervision of a BBA employee. I understand that conditions stated in the Camp Registration Form apply also to such situations where my participant is no longer on Ravina Gardens Park premises. I further understand that this consent may be withdrawn by me at any time by written notice. I give this consent voluntarily.